Cultish: Ground Zero Jonestown

Episode Notes

Join us for the premiere episode of the much-anticipated new program from the creators at Apologia Studios: Ground Zero Jonestown. In this episode, our hosts play through some of the actual audio from the day of the largest mass-suicide in modern history. Over 900-lives were lost (over 300 were children) under the leadership of a very complicated and dangerous cult-leader.
Jim Jones was a confused and dangerous man. He started his work as a professing Christian and as a Christian minister. However, later in his life, he distanced himself from the Judeo-Christian faith and worldview and embraced and promoted a militant Communist and Socialist vision. Jones was known for his passionate pleas for a Communist vision of the world. He was a zealous and passionate speaker who used his abilities and perversion of the Christian bible to lead hundreds to drink poisonous Kool-Aid as an act of “revolutionary suicide”.
Listen-in as Jeremiah Roberts and Pastor Jeff Durbin talk through the worldview and history of one of the most compelling stories of abuse and manipulation in history. You can partner with Apologia Studios and help to make all of our content possible by signing up for All Access at When you sign-up, you not only partner with us, but you get access to every TV show, After Show, and Apologia Academy