Cultish: The Jesus of the Cults

Episode Notes

Join us for the 3rd premiere episode of the much-anticipated new program from the creators at Apologia Studios: The Jesus of the Cults. One of the world’s most renowned experts on the cults, Dr. Walter Martin, wrote a book called “The Kingdom of the Cults”. In this historic work, Dr. Martin emphasized the need to “scale the language barrier” and to “define your terms” when dealing with loved-ones who are lost in a cult. There is not only the problem of the sociological and psychological manipulation of the cults. There is the problem of the language barrier and the “Jesus of the Cults”.
Listen-in as Jeremiah Roberts and Pastor Jeff Durbin work through several examples of the “Jesus of the Cults” and teach us how to engage with people lost in non-Christian cults. You can partner with Apologia Studios and help to make all of our content possible by signing up for All Access at When you sign-up, you not only partner with us, but you get access to every TV show, After Show, and Apologia Academy.