Cultish: Escaping Scientology Part 1

Episode Notes

Join us for the 4th premiere episode of the much-anticipated new program from the creators at Apologia Studios: Escaping Scientology. The cult of Scientology has received much attention after the numerous popular documentaries on the group; including Leah Remini’s series “Scientology and the Aftermath”. The science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, may have never imagined the results, scope, and reach of the cult that he created in the 20th-century. Many have not truly discovered the spiritual, social, and psychological damage and manipulation of this very dangerous non-Christian cult.
What does a Scientologist believe? What is it like to live like a Scientologist? Is this a harmless “religion” or something much more dangerous? Are the stories true of the physical danger that someone can be in for attempting to escape from Scientology?
Listen-in as Jeremiah Roberts and Pastor Jeff Durbin speak with Andrea Schwartz. Andrea and her husband were members of the Cult of Scientology. They worked as faithful Scientologists at recruiting new members and were involved in some very deceptive schemes of this group. After becoming Christians they worked to expose some of the activity of this cult. They were interviewed by a major television broadcast and they were told by law-enforcement that there was a contract out on their lives. Don’t miss this powerful episode and join us in sharing it with the world. You can partner with Apologia Studios and help to make all of our content possible by signing up for All Access at When you sign-up, you not only partner with us, but you get access to every TV show, After Show, and Apologia Academy.