Part 1: Tom Delonge & The UFO Phenomena

Episode Summary

In part one we begin to discuss Colin's article ( ), thinking especially of the religious implications of ET/UFO beliefs. Pastor Samul gives us some of his background and testimony, and explains why he has continued to follow this subject. We discuss the modern obsession with UFOs in relation to everything from the New Age, Mormonism, Transhumanism, and the theory of Evolution. As we will see, the UFO is the apotheosis of modern religious sentiments We then delve into the background of Tom Delonge in the early formation of his company "To the Stars." We quickly dive into the rabbit hole of clandestine government contacts and our military's interaction with the UFO phenomenon, as related to Tom by his original advisers from within the government. According to them the phenomenon is not only real, but has often appeared threatening to our military establishment. We end with Tom's original advisers breaking off contact with him, as their identities were exposed in the 2016 wikileak dump of DNC emails. This would lead to Tom organizing a second group of government advisers who are now publicly associated with him through the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, which we will explore further in episode 2.