Part 2: Cross Examining Jeffrey Epstein & The Finders

Episode Summary

We begin Part 2 of our discussion of Jeffrey Epstein by discussing a candid video of an ABC news anchor admitting that she was directed to bury and ignore Epstein stories back to 2016. We then discuss the importance of independent testimony to verify a claim and how to verify that independent testimony is actually independent, and we then do a re-cap of the independent data and independent testimony that links Epstein to the intelligence communities. We discuss Epstein's "Little Black Book" a handwritten record important people he knew and their personal contact methods. We discuss possible reasons why an individual would want to keep such a contact book and touch on some of the names in this book: Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey. Epstein's contact book connects Epstein to the NXIVM (nex-eee-um) cult. NXIVM is publicly a multi-level marketing company but the US Government states that NXIVM is a cult. NXIVM is connected to several breakaway Mormon communities in northern Mexico by procuring girls from these Mormon communities to serve in NXIVM's compounds on the north-eastern seaboard. We paint a picture of a child-trafficking route that existed in the Finders' time from the north-eastern seaboard down through Mexico and the continuation of this child-trafficking route under Epstein's supervision into the modern day. We discuss the profit motive of and the profitability of the trafficking routes. We conclude by discussing occult religious angles to Epstein's activities; the temple on his island, his obsession with improving the human genome by siring a new generation of supermen using himself as a template and the tenets of theistic Satanism and how those same tenets may apply to Epstein's activities and objectives. Attorney Andrew Morrow returns as our guest.